The History Press, 2015
ISBN: 9780750956840


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One of the few genuinely transnational books about the First World War, the superbly chosen sources emphasise the shared experiences not just of those who fought side by side but of everyone caught up in the maelstrom of war.
– Dan Snow, military historian and broadcaster

The Great War has always been a story about two opposing sides. Here in the pages of ‘Fritz and Tommy’ we at last have that story, told in stark relief and in a meaningful and often very moving way. In nearly forty years of reading about the Great War this is arguably one of the most important books I have come across. It is simply essential reading for anyone with an interest in WW1.
– Paul Reed, historian

‘Fritz and Tommy’ ingeniously unpicks the traditional straitjacket of ‘national memory’ in World War One, by using diaries and letters home to show both the similarities and the differences between British and German soldiers.  Engaging, poignant and hugely informative, it is an inspired concept, brilliantly executed.
– Roger Moorhouse, historian and author of The Devils’ Alliance: Hitler’s Pact with Stalin, 1939-1941

In this excellent book Peter Doyle and Robin Schäfer weave together personal testimony, memoirs and contemporary writing to illustrate the contrasts, similarities and shared experience of British and German soldiers on the Western Front.  The result is a fascinating, thought-provoking and frequently touching story of men at war.
– Spencer Jones, military historian and author of Courage without Glory: The British Army on the Western Front 1915

This is a wonderful account of the day-to-day lives of the British and German soldiers who fought the Great War. It cuts through the gloss of a hundred years of distortion and propaganda to reveal the faces of the real men who lived and died in the mud and blood of the trenches.
– Giles MacDonogh, historian and author of
After the Reich

‘Fritz and Tommy’ is a triumph. A time machine. Open it, step inside, and you are back in that hot distant summer of 1914. Travel with the combatants as they scribble their letters from those opening days of the war, to the shattered rubble of fallen empires and devastated landscapes of 1918. The young men are long gone. In this remarkable book they live again. Sit with them. Hear their tales.
– Major Nigel Price, ex-7th Gurkha Rifles, as ‘Anthony Conway’, author of the Caspasian novels and The Moon Tree.

This remarkable book is a fitting memorial to the men and women of both nations who served in the Great War.
– Lord Faulkner of Worcester, chairman of the All Party Parliamentary War Heritage Group